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God's Gonna Trouble the Water
You were whole.
Without a moon,
my body found you-
your skin wet
and cold,
and I should have known then,
but in the whole dark sky
what was there
but two shadows
swimming in each other's shapes,
breathing in the water
until we became everything.
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Three - Twenty Nine :icontangenthoughts:tangenthoughts 0 2
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untitled. :icontangenthoughts:tangenthoughts 0 2
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I'm Drunk :icontangenthoughts:tangenthoughts 0 0
october 2002
Tarps covered
the pumps
as we fueled our cars
and a white van
drove by.
We joked
about traveling everywhere
in zigzags
as we waited
for the next of us to die.
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...On Your Back
Luscious lusty lady,
Will these lurid eyes look
Upon those legs
One last time?
Your eyelids batted, overjoyed
To tease my heart and its hungry void.
I picture already the dirt rain
Falling on your flushed face,
Tender lips incarnadine
Ferociously drawing in earth.
I steal your breath
For your last prayer:
Praise be to the worms
Who feast on this new tomb.
Forgive me, great fictitious God!
But please, not too soon.
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speak slowly when you question
will winter remember
our visions of a drunk sea
beneath a thousand clouds
pregnant with despair?
will you remember come morning
our dream of a white horse
dancing headless through the rye?
speak softly when you answer,
stuttering into sleep.
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she takes like summer
then gives like spring
she's so alive in the summer
but she's dead in between
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temporary questions
when you look into your mirror,
will you see your naked form:
your sun-freckled shoulders,
your soft breasts, small stomach
and strong legs;
or will you instead see my seized possessions:
the hair that rested upon my thigh,
the lips that quaked at the touch of my skin,
the hips that my fingertips traced
on the way to the meeting of your legs,
a prelude to writhing ecstasy?
when your body becomes a monument
to the agony of loss,
will you regret the breath
you wasted on "goodbye"?
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MP 59
an afternoon toward St-Michel
found your pale ghost
a reflection on the window.
your eyes were cast down
as you shuffled your feet,
beckoning companionship.
I don't think you saw me,
but I doubt you would have noticed
the anguish
behind my placid eyes.
had our shoes matched,
perhaps our tongues
could have shared this sorrow.
I never saw you
after Châtelet,
but still I carry your weight.
:icontangenthoughts:tangenthoughts 0 8
elegy for the drunk
so sweetly you stumbled into my veins
slurring sanity
as i soaked
in your bourbon smile
:icontangenthoughts:tangenthoughts 1 0
why, chicago
I don’t think about you often
and I get along just fine.
I walk my dog
and watch TV
and go out with friends.
I’ve had my eye on a couple girls,
but I’m not sure how they feel.
They’re cute.  I think you’d like them.
Every now and then
they play songs on the radio
that keep me up at night
with images of you bleeding to death
on the operating table.
But they don’t play those songs
very often.
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O, How the Hours Betray
I was there.
Your hair fell upon my shoulder
and rained down the windowpane
of my chest.
Did I not hold your trembling fingers
in my aching hands
or calm the shuddering gale
from your lips
with the steady cadence
of my warm breath?
And still,
in spite of the smiles
I have orchestrated
upon this barren visage,
you look upon this battered landscape
with unsatiated eyes.
Whatever I am to you,
I will never be new.
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I sat at the table
with my full cup of tea
while you were in the kitchen
making scrambled eggs.
I plucked a sphere from the fruit bowl
and rolled it between my palms,
the orange of the world
against the ridges of my hands.
When you sat down next to me,
you sighed heavily
as you lifted your mug in both hands
and rested your elbows
against the rough oak before you,
and I thought twice
about forfeiting this citrus,
though it belonged not to me.
Please, forgive me:
your relief is my religion
and the sweetest burden
I shall ever bear.
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Summer Dress :icontangenthoughts:tangenthoughts 1 5
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the koi and the sky :icontangenthoughts:tangenthoughts 0 6

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Matthew F. Ferguson
United States
Current Residence: Maryland
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It's come to my attention that many literary publications now consider poetry appearing anywhere online (including dA and even blogs) to be previously published. As such, these publications will not accept them. This is a travesty, as I use dA as a place to workshop my poems and receive feedback, not to gain exposure. But, policies as they are, I'm probably going to try to find a new way to receive criticism. I apologize if this change causes an inconvenience to anyone.

Sorry, dA.


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